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compared to the internet but they are all part of the big package. we think that is actually low, because it was given to us in 2009, and we're concerned it will be much higher than that and will continue to get higher than that. the collection is a big issue for the states that rely onto revenue but those folks in the towns across the country are trying to make a living selling to the people inside their community that have an automatic 6 to 8% price dis advantage simply because that truck is driving around town and dropping off packages is truly having a devastating effect on small and, frankly, medium-sized retailers in this country. there is a lot of them. i get way too many conversations, telephone calls from small retailers around this country that are in their view, being killed by that price differential. >> now, mr. byrne raises the point that some of the leading opponents of sales tax on-line is walmart and target, national retailers, who have also been blamed by small retailers for price pressures and that sort of thing. wo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1